Mellow Government

Mellow Government
By Dr. Poempida Hidayatulloh
Vice President of The Indonesian Youth Cabinet

Changes are something that none can avoid. Every single thing in the universe is bound to change in every split second. No matter how hard someone tries to avoid changes, he or she will always experience changes as long as the space and time continuum is prolonged.
Everything changes depending upon relative mind references. Human mind seems to be a powerful tool to measure the speed of changes. This means there is no absolute benchmark to judge whether changes happen fast or slowly. Thus, different people have different perceptions towards speed of changes.
Unexpected changes or to be precise uncontrolled changes tend to cause problems by one’s perception.
The most important issue now is the way of human in dealing with problems. In other words, in terms of prevention, one must deal with the changing process of changes, so the problems will never be created.
Problems themselves may cause humane insecurity that jeopardise s the harmony of humanity. The bigger the problems the higher the scope of the efforts must be focused upon solving them.
None would argue that when it comes to problems, the solving process must be initiated quickly rather than delayed. This is because other problems may occur which will add up continuously and coherently with the changing process causing one would call the “snow ball” effect.
The bigger the snow ball is created, the more difficult the problem to be sort out. To sum up, quick responses to neutralise any problems are needed in order to prevent the snow ball effect occurrence.
Different kind of people have different kind of skills to deal with changes. That is why for those who are less capable, they tend to nominate their representatives to deal with changes.
In a democratic world, people nominate a leader to deal with any changes to their lives. They have always great expectations that the chosen leader can deal with changes, so they can get better quality lives.
Leaders that elected by the people are presumably competent and capable in solving people’s problems in any cases.
The Indonesian People have inherited problems from the past and will face more future problems to come. They always expect their leaders represented by the Indonesian Government to deal with the existing problems and their future problems in an immediate way. None of these people want to wait indefinitely and witness their lives may be at stake.
The responsiveness of the government matters so much in the eye of the people. Everyone wants to see something significant happens during the five year government period especially in the issue of problem solving.
The crucial issue now lies on the situation where the government shows no immediate responsiveness towards any arisen problems. History tells that any legitimate government can be overthrown when people finally have doubts in the government ability to solve problems. It would be even worse if the source of the problem can be proven to come out from within the government inner circle. The worst scenario would then be when the government self started problems keep accumulated and create the said snow ball effect.
In order to avoid such situation, the government can always play the buying time scenario pretending that the Indonesian people are not well aware of the situation and have short memories. However, this can result in a much worse position for the government. If the people loose their faith then they will use their power to claim what is right. Should such claim occurs, then the government must not underestimate the People Power.
When the people start a moral movement, then it continuously becomes a snow ball of moral movement. It can only mean that their only hope to change their lives is having a new leader.
The latest political situation in Indonesia shows significant symptoms of the said moral movement. The government must act fast before this movement becomes a massive snow ball. This changing process must be changed quickly to a more favourable situation. Perhaps the remedy is bitter. However, without taking the right prescriptions, one can only see his/her dying moment.

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