AOTS Green Industry Training Report

By Dr. Poempida Hidayatulloh, B Eng (Hon), PhD, DIC.

Head of Standing Committee for Green Technology Development Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin Indonesia)


The Green Industry Training was undergone from 14th November through 18th November 2011. It was held in Yokohama Keshu Center (YKC), Yokohama, Japan.

The training was intended to introduce Japanese High Technology products related to the Green Industry implementation.

It basically covered relevant issues regarding Waste Recycling, Water Treatment, Carbon Emission Reduction, and Environmental conservation.


Training Organization

In overall the training was done in a very well prepared fashion. The training facility was considered to be outstanding. The training schedule was implemented in a very punctual manner. The organizer personnel was very considerate and helpful. Although sometime communication break down occurred due to different language proficiency levels, nevertheless the training went very well.


The training was done combining two delegates of training audiences from Indonesia and from Thailand. The audiences certainly came from various background and expertise. Hence this situation resulted in multiple expectations from the attendees.

Training Methodology

The training was done by using different approaches. They are: Classroom seminar, site visit, and exhibition tour.

  1. The Classroom Seminar was found to be insufficient in terms of time and demonstration material. There was not hardly interactive discussion that may discover more interests from the audiences.

  2. The Site Visit was found to be interesting and relevant to the topic covered. However, the visit was mostly to show general ideas on how specific things work. It was not relevant enough to some of the audiences expectations and interests.

  3. The Exhibition Tour was found to be the most advantageous to the audiences and sufficed most of the audiences expectations and interests.

Facts Discoveries

  1. Japanese People awareness on the environmental conservation has shown greatly and widely accepted through out the nation.

  2. Japanese Government shows great support toward such issues.

  3. Japan has shown advance Green Technology discoveries and has managed to manufacture them in a high standard fashion.

  4. Although the implementation of such technology is never seen to be holistic, nevertheless sporadic implementation with certain strategic consideration has been implemented successfully.

  5. Japanese Green Technology is still considered to be very expensive for a “business as usual” implementation, especially if it is implemented in Indonesia or Thailand.

  6. Further socialization on the importance of the use of Green Technology to conserve environment in Indonesia and Thailand Regions hence are required.

  7. The Government of Indonesia and Thailand need to be encouraged more to show more supports on this issue.


  1. Green Technology can be a very interesting business in the near future. In case of Indonesia, further soft financing scheme must be set up. This is due to high interest rate in the Indonesian domestic banking policy.

  2. The Japanese counterparts may assist for a financing solution for such business development. Grants or any other kind of soft loans can be very useful for a Green Technology Implementation in Indonesia.

  3. The Carbon Development Mechanism may be useful for the said business development.


To sum up, the AOTS training was found to be useful. The gathering of all delegates resulted in a good networking that could be advantageous for any kind of business endeavors. On behalf of the Indonesian delegate, I would like to personally thank the organizer for such an eventful training.

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