Poempida: Analysis on The Non Partisans Participation in A Political Party Presidential Covention

They would say 2013 is a political year in Indonesia. This is as a matter of fact relevant, because the national general election shall be held in the coming year, 2014.
All political parties raise up their challenges by producing strategies that might withdraw voters’ interests.
Most of the political party shall nominate their own best cadre to be the presidential nominee. Though there are always the odds that a political party holds a convention that opens up the non partisans to race for the presidential nomination.

I, myself, find this a little puzzling. Shouldn’t a political party have the job to produce cadres that would be qualified enough for such nomination?

Why should such party seek for people from the outside?

Does this mean that party fail to produce good cadres or is this an implementation of a true democracy?

My stand point would be that democracy needs to be built based on certain ideology, fundamental programs, platform of struggle and a way of life. These 3 things are always reflected in the Party Statute.

How on earth, a party outsider can directly get a grip on such values that need to be understood and well applied on his/her way of life in such a short period of time?
Honestly, the idea kind of scares me.

If a political party runs such a convention strategy just to raise up their electability, this would mean that political party’s fundamental platform is in jeopardy.
This party shall remain only as a political vehicle.

If then the voted nominee cannot fulfill the party’s and furthermore people’s interests, this means that the party has comiitted a crime known as “public lies”
Is there any sanction in this case? I let the people to be the judge of that.

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