Poempida: Trouble in the Labour World

Recently, Indonesian People had to witness one of the most disturbing picture of the labour world, where “Slavery” still happened right in front of us. This happened in Tangerang district, an area that is so close by to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

An appalling scene was then shown publicly.
The content showed how inhumane torture leading to forced work that was practically applied without the surrounding inhabitants awareness.

Though in the end the Authority managed to apprehend the perpetrators, such condemned act of inhumanity still needs to be prevented for recurring in the future.

It was then identified that the lack of labour inspections in terms of schemes and implementations to be the key of the problem.

Evidence in human trafficking still also to be found as a major issue to be solved. This can be seen by a significant rise in numbers of the non procedural migrant workers.
Again this lies upon the lack of inspection mechanism issue.

The labour movement that has been claiming their rights for raising their minimal regional wages has not had a firmed answer in terms of realization.
Though their claim on wages raise have been agreed by the Authority, the implementation remains to be imbalance due to the pending mechanism allowed by the Authority.

A massive “outsourcing” plan conceived by certain state owned enterprises also adds up to the labour problem issues.

The state owned enterprises’ workers union have been struggling to fight for their future certainty within the companies.

Not only the outsourcing plan that angers the state owned enterprises’ workers union.

Involuntary and unfair employee discharges, union busting, and then other kind of labour disputes still highlight the unjust policies of the management of the enterprises.

In contrast, should the state owned enterprises be the obediency benchmark of the Law, especially labour law?
What would be the reponse of the private companies if the state owned enterprises disrespects such law?

I have been pushing the government to take immediate actions towards all the above issues. Just to remind everybody, that the current government policies motto are pro poor, pro job and pro gowth.
Obviously, these do not apply, paradoxically.

The labour commission in the parliament is currently discussing the revision of the national state budget.
The funny thing is that the Ministry of Man Power and Transmigration has not yet proposed the revise budget to take care of the inspection deficiency issues.

Have they forgotten of all the issues they need to focus upon, or simply they just forget about them all?

Where is justice when you need it most? Well, the general election is close by. The people can then be the judges of them all.

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